Creating luxury culture analy and interpreting international trends

A core built on strong values

International marketing research are at the heart of our competence Fashion and high-value brands requires a specific sensibility and approach.

We reach international high-end and innovative customers to determine their unique shopping behaviors, desires and to assess perceived brand equity. Customer knowledge increases the efficiency of marketing spending and helps in defining the most profitable growing strategies

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Fashion Topics

With our research tools specific for fashion-luxury markets, we cover a wide range of topics:

  • Trends analysis, International segmentation and potential growth
  • Brand positioning and competitive benchmarking
  • Web engagement and lifestyle creation
  • Brand experience on the point of sales and mystery shopping
  • Brand enlargement: product/portfolio analysis and new collections


Qualitative, on-line panels, quantitative, ethnographic, lifestyle reports, assisted shopping sessions….

We manage international studies in over 40 countries with the highest level of project management, expertise and flexibility. Our specific locations and attention getting recruitment allow to reach the most niche and elective segments. Our specialised and exclusive international recruitment is rooted in the most affluent and high value target groups.